United Citizens Bank - Bank Ripoff: Kept paying a stop payment bill

Elizabethtown, Kentucky 0 comments

I am so pissed.My former Bank, United Citizens Bank, had a stop payment issued by me, both verbally and written.

What did they do? Kept right on paying the varying amounts that came through to my account. I called the Bank, I called accounting, I went into the Bank more times than I can remember. They kept right on paying and charging my account.

And refused to reimburse my account or me directly for their mistakes. There were several of them, thats why the word is plural. Sometimes they would pay twice in a month. No need for me to say anything, they kept right on paying.

I've demanded my money back that they took out of my account after being told not to.Haven't heard a word, so I guess I'llhave to drag them into court.

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